Heating up!

August has arrived and it’s hot! The best part of any summer is having more time to hang out with my awesome daughter. It’s usually also slower on the development side so a good time to clear files and organize projects etc., and to read books and blogs recommended by eLearning experts.

The slower pace also gives me time for updating this site. I’m planning on re-jigging the portfolio section by adding free templates and some new content.

I like getting as much of this done early in the day, to leave time for mental and physical rejuvanation, a putter in the  garden (the wax beans, peppers, tomatoes and herbs are delish!) and of course find opportunities to swim.

Stay tuned and keep cool!

A quiz for every question…

Check out the quizzing section of my portfolio to see the creative ways learners’ knowledge can be assessed along the way.

Click to visit the Quizzing section of my portfolio.



I’ve been busy, busy this last while having fun entering Articulate’s eLearning Heroes challenges, and while I’ve a long way to go to be in league with some of the amazing folks who are the Heroes of the piece, I’ve been honoured/chuffed to have been included in some of the Recaps. You can check out all my entries here.

Click to visit my eLearning Heroes page

Up and running (I hope!)

I finally have my portfolios now up and running. Now to get back to work to make more good stuff!