This summer has been different to say the least. I know all you elearning people love a story, so here’s a good one for you! My amazing Dad turned 91 at the beginning of July and on his birthday, a determined pigeon (who didn’t know who she was dealing with) decided to try and nest on his balcony.

After a couple of attempts to shoo it away so he could have his morning coffee in the summer sunshine, Dad went for the ‘heavy artillery’, a sturdy mop. After successfully sending her on her way, he lost his balance and fell, breaking his hip. After surgery and 8 weeks of incredible (free) care and rehab at Deer Lodge Centre here in the ‘peg, he’s finally back home and still awesome!

As a result of all this excitement, blogging and updating this site has been a bit sporadic throughout the summer, and so I entirely missed this until today. My entry for E-Learning Heroes accordian interaction challenge has been on their feature page! Who knew?

So thank you again awesome folks @Articulate for the honour.

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