Click on any of the images below to view a slide(s) in action. Slides with a red frame include a free downloadable source file/template. If you’d like a source file for one not provided, please reach out to me via the comment section on the slide’s page.

Slides with a number (###) are also featured in my eLearning Heroes Challenges portfolio as well, though I’ve updated several of them since. There are entries there not featured here, so be sure to check that section out as well.

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basic (non-interactive) slide designs
Text and image
Text lightbox
Icons with narration (en)
Icônes avec narration (fr) (#227)
Custom text boxes
interactive slides
Accordian interaction (#227)
Tabs interaction: Basic
Tabs interaction: Custom
Click to reveal: Icons
Click to reveal: Images
Click to reveal: Checklist
Click to reveal: Custom buttons
Dial interaction
Zoom and drag interaction (#226)
Interactive glossary (#192)
Text variables for personalization (#222)
Ah Canada title with a colourful map of the country and images symbolizing each province
Slider infographic (#260)
Animating data
Interactive line graph
Interactive pie chart
Interactive pictograph
Interactive flow chart
Data by slider
Form fill demo
Visualizing data
quizzes and knowledge checks
Drag and drop: Text
Drag and drop: Images
Drag and drop: 2 step process
Pick one: 3 theme variations
Pick one: Multiple questions
Pick one: Animated (#201)
Pick many: With feedback
Pick many: Progress meter (#224)
Slider: How much water?
Text entry: Name the shapes
Pre-test: Know your flags? (#216)
Open badges quiz (#220)
Course starter templates
Tis the season title with a spindly but sweet Christmas tree and colourful gifts beneath it
Seasonal theme (#259)
custom animations
Make an inhaler spacer (#221)
Vaccination site preparation
PSA - No day at the beach (#201)
Camp Cut-it-out (#235)
MadLib game (#216)
Spot the difference game (#228)