1 september 2019

How i made my "to-do list" (elh 224)​

I’m chuffed once again to have my work featured as an eLearning “example” on Articulate’s E-Learning Heroes site. As a result of the mention, I’ve had a few requests and questions about my To-do list, so here are some answers. There’s also a link to download the source file below.

the challenge

The challenge was to create a progress meter. as usual, I had a list of stuff to do around the house, so I used that as my starting point.

Question: Did you create all the graphics yourself?​

I created some of them – either in Storyline or in Photoshop, and I manipulated some in PS as well.

I’ve used shapes instead of pre-made graphics to make clipboards for years primarily because I like to animate them, sometimes by ‘tearing off’ a sheet, adding a sheet under the clip or stacking them. So the clipboard and paper are just that, created using shapes in SL.

I used PS to create the picture hooks and the plate for the fire extinguisher, and to ‘break’ the chair and the bike. The rest of the images, the background, tools and toolbox, etc., are all from the awesome Articulate Content Library.

chair illustration 2 bent


The toolbox ‘correct’ states were also done in Photoshop. I simply placed them on top of the toolbox and erased what overlapped.

Just a note that this is one aspect that seems to be a bit flaky in the published version – sometimes the first click on the toolbox to continue doesn’t work. A hotspot over top would fix it, but it’s a bit of a bug in the system I think.

tool box shelf


For sure. I love sharing ideas and tips and such. Download it to use what’s under the hood – triggers, etc., and have fun creating your own checklist!